Diablo III

Windows RPG provides devilishly good fun as you travel through a gloomy fantasy world

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    Role Playing

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.5 (545)

Diablo III remains one of the leading hack-and-slash RPGs with a vast gameworld and a long list of quests to keep players entertained for hours on end.

While some players are not avid fans of the hack-and-slash genre, the Diablo series of games has done an excellent jobbing of dressing their titles up in eye-catching graphics and bringing together an engaging storyline that will draw anyone in. Much like the previous titles in these games, players will control their character through a serious of quests, side quests and dungeons while taking on all of the evil the fictitious world has to offer.

The overall premise of Diablo III is both simple and satisfying, much like many other PC RPGs. Players begin by choosing one of five classes, including a monk, wizard, witch doctor, barbarian or a demon hunter. These classes all essentially do the same thing, which is leveling up by killing enemies and then taking their loot, but the manner in which they do it varies greatly. While the premise is simple, each of the classes of character is entirely different in their approach to combat which improves the game’s replayability. Those that would like to start the campaign over can do so by diversifying their style of play such as the use of magic, brute strength, or even subterfuge.

The campaign is comprised of four chapters with options for a variety of different chapters with the expansion packs that are currently available. While there is a level cap, players can continue to enjoy the game with a slew of goals such as Paragon points which can unlock various skills and be shared across characters. As always, it is the loot drops that will be most desirable for players as every enemy kill will result in the dropping of loot, some of it which is rare and can help to max out a character’s combat efficacy.

The game scales perfectly to online play as friends can match up with two or more allies to clear out enemies as a team. The core difficulty settings remain the same, but the amount of players that are in each party will create subtle shifts in the difficulty of each enemy and amount of enemies present. With a catchy tempo to the gameplay and fun options for both the single-player campaign and multi-player questing, Diabolo III is another great expansion to Blizzard's lineup.


  • More options for item customization
  • Loot drops revamped
  • Better enemy AI in group fighting


  • Regular network issues with online gameplay
  • Bosses are less skilled
  • No LAN gameplay

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